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A delicious homemade steak dinner

Posted: 09/20/14

A delicious homemade steak dinner

Restaurant: none

dre: After snacking on delicious food all afternoon, we continued on with dinner!

J barbecued some steaks. I learned to let the steaks rest until it gets to room temperature, cook them for 5-10 minutes, then have them rest again. It was really juicy.

J&J were at a winery and apparently they were not allowed to taste this bottle before buying it. I did a Google search on this wine, and this Italian wine costs over $120, depending on which year it is. I'm not sure what year this particular bottle was, but it was pretty good. I won't even try to explain it, as I haven't drank wine in a long long time.

There were also some fresh tomato and pepper salads.

This was my plate half eaten... yummy yummy yummy!

All great meals should end off with a tasty dessert. This cheesecake was from the Village Grocer in Markham. A great end to a great meal!


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