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East & Main Bistro

Posted: 09/11/14

East & Main Bistro

Restaurant: East_and_Main_Bistro Prince_Edward_County

Nelson: Out anniversary trip took us out to Prince Edward County where we enjoyed a meal at this cute restaurant. The decor was very nice and the outdoor patio would be a really nice option if it wasn't so close to the road. The complaint I have is that the place was infested with flies large and small. Set out some fly traps please!

The bread was a regular baguette type but fresh. I did wish for a few more pieces to start, but the food came fairly quickly.

For wine (not pictured) we tried the Sandbanks Winery, 2010 Baco Noir ($9) described as full-bodied, blackberry, chocolate and slightly smoky. I though the berry flavours really shone through and it was a strangely sweet wine for a red variety.

For a starter, we tried grilled scallop & shrimp ceviche, avocado, pineapple, watermelon, fresh lime ($13). With a refreshing taste probably as a result of all the fresh fruit especially the watermelon. The pineapple was a little sharp, but everything else went together really well. The shrimp was just barely cooked but it was good that way. It wasn't too sour either and had a really nice balance of flavours. Sometimes this dish is difficult to get right, but this one was excellent.
I had the Brome lake duck breast, summer vegetables, and warm blueberry vinaigrette ($26). This duck took some talent to prepare because the depth of flavour was incredible. All at once it was smoky, fatty, wild and fruity. The blue berries are an inspired choice to go with this dish. Only the potatoes underneath were a little underwhelming. The salad had a strong vinegary taste and the sauce in the bottom was a tad sour too. At the same time it was sweet and for some reason I was reminded of an Asian flavour profile. I liked it better without the sauce personally. Hard to tell from this angle, but the cut of meat was cooked skillfully rare.
Kitty had the county cider brined & smoked pork tenderloin, maple mustard and sweet potato mash ($25). That is a very Canadian sounding dish. Unfortunately the pork was a tad dry, perhaps as a result of it being smoked. The sauce helped with this but I didn't get any maple, mustard or smoky notes to it at all. Doesn't make sense because if it was dry because of it being smoked I would expect way more smoke flavour. So I tasted some pork without the sauce and finally I could taste the subtle smoke flavour and I enjoyed the pork so much more. The sweet potato mash was decent with a butter and herb infusion. There were even more sweet potatoes on the side which I thought was a little excessive. Maybe it was actually squash, but it sure tasted similar. You don't often see corn on the cob at a nice restaurant, but this one was really good as it had a nice moist soft texture finished with butter.

Overall a positive experience with the food, if only they controlled their fly problem better. With good service as well, I would still recommend this place.

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