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Rol Jui Restaurant

Posted: 09/07/14

Rol Jui Restaurant

Restaurant: Rol_Jui Toronto

Nelson: In Chinatown and kinda randomly walked into this restaurant looking for lobster. It helped that there was a neon lobster outside I suppose.

Standard soups to start and it was good.

This dish is crab meat and went well with red vinegar. I really liked how it came with a lot of vegetables.
This fish dish had huge piecies of fish. Was it garoupa? I'm not sure, but it tasted pretty good and once again there were a lot of vegetables.
Fried Oysters. There weren't that many fried oysters, but at least they were quite large and flavourful. Almost too flavourful as I felt there was too much salt. Once again it came with a lot of vegetables which I really liked.
The special was the lobster and they were decently sized for lobster on special. They were cooked decently too and I had a lot of this dish as other people were too lazy to pick at the lobster.

This meal came out to $62 total which I thought was pretty cheap for so much seafood. Although it may seem like a "cheap" strategy, I liked how there were so many vegetables included with every dish. What I didn't like were the fortune cookies given at the end of the meal.

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