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Taiwanfest 2013

Posted: 09/06/14

Taiwanfest 2013

Restaurant: Taiwanfest Toronto

Nelson @TaiwanFest: From last year's Taiwanfest I had spent a lovely afternoon hanging out down by the lake. This is the Taiwan sausage in sticky rice sausage, otherwise known as big sausage wrap small sausage ($4). One of Kitty's favourites, this one had excellent toppings to go with the delicious sausage. Such a good snack, I wish this was more readily available.
I loved this meatball in clear broth. It is flavoured with white pepper and salt making for a unique and delicious taste. Very simple, but delicious.
The most disappointing thing about Taiwanfest is the lack of "fresh" stinky tofu. Instead I tried the smelly tofu sausage ($2). You can see on the insides the tofu that makes up part of the stuffing. Overall it tasted a bit sour and I didn't like it that much. Kitty disliked it completely and didn't have any of it.
Not sure what this one is called, but it is a tofu skin wrapped stick with fish and pork on the inside. It came out hot from the deep fryer resulting in a crunchy exterior and soft tasty inside. Unexpectedly good!
At a Taiwan festival I can't pass up the chance to get shaved ice ($5). This taro one with sweet yam was so flavourful and you could taste the quality. Plus they gave a lot so the quantity wasn't lacking either. It was so good that I had to have another!
This is the green tea shaved ice with red bean. The condensed milk poured on top is a nice touch. I actually liked this one better as the flavours were even more intense. Both Taro and green tea are subtle flavours but in shaved ice form they are stronger than you would expect. Yum!
I have a confession. Last year, I did not know what Chatime was. What I did know was that this drink on a hot day really hit the spot perfectly. Aloe honey with real aloe was absolutely refreshing. It was so incredible refreshing I had to have another drink from them and walked back just to buy another one. We got the kumquat green tea coconut jelly. Great tea taste and a bit sweet it was also so refreshing. These drinks were amazing. Little did I know that over the next year I would develop an obsession with Chatime and it wasn't even over these two drinks!

The funniest part of the day was finding a picture of myself on one of their posters! I had participated in Formosan cup earlier that year and happened to be in one of their pictures (lining up for food of course). What a coincidence!


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