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Dara and David's Wedding

Posted: 09/22/14

Dara and David's Wedding

Restaurant: Toronto Westin_Prince

dre @ the Westin Prince: This was one of the weddings I was definitely going to whether my new baby was one month old or not. My good friend Dara was getting married and I wasn't going to miss it! Fortunately, the baby was born exactly 4 weeks before the wedding date so the parents weren't as concerned with me taking her out. Baby's first wedding! She was really well behaved during the ceremony (she slept the entire time). The outdoor wedding was really nice as the weather cooperated and it wasn't too hot that August day.

After the ceremony comes the food! Appetizers were hard to eat as I only had one hand free. There were 2 stations set up, one serving smoked salmon, and another one serving ham. I tried some ham and made a sandwich out of it. Other appetizers carried around by servers (but no pictures) included beef skewers and cheese puff pastries. I remember there weren't that many that I liked.

Bread service on the table was decent. The buns were soft and fresh.

The soup was a wild mushroom bisque with truffle essence. It was really tasty, but really salty. I still finished it all because the truffles were so flavourful.

My choice of drink that night (as I only had one) was a Steamwhistle beer. Yummy!

The salad served was organic greens with smoked salmon on a quinoa. I'm not a fan of smoked salmon, so I didn't eat it. The quinoa was good.

The main our whole table chose was prime rib of beef with thyme roasted yukon gold potato gratin, seasonal vegetables, tomato and corn salsa. The prime rib was delicious. I wished they gave us better knives than butter knives to cut the beef with. The potato gratin was cheesy, so I have it to Mike. Underneath the prime rib were some hidden asparagus.

For dessert, there were two different desserts served. One was the dark chocolate tower, white chocolate mousse inside, served with fresh raspberries.

I got the lemon curd meringue, with black pepper cream and fresh fruit. I liked this one as a lemony dessert is different than the usual chocolate.

There was a candy station, which is funny because Dara is a dentist. Apparently she was against the idea, but told David that if he set it up, he could have one... So he took on that task.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to try the wedding cake. At first, I thought they were cream puffs, but wondered if they were able to be on the table for that long without melting. I guess I'll never know until I ask the bride or groom when they come back from their honeymoon!

It was a fun wedding. Congrats to Dara and David!


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