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7.5 Pound Mound of Lobster Goodness

Posted: 09/04/14

7.5 Pound Mound of Lobster Goodness

Restaurant: Fishman_Lobster_Clubhouse_Restaurant Scarborough

Nelson @Fishman Lobster Clubhouse: Last post was the live lobster and crab and today's post is both of them defeated - ie cooked. This gigantic mound of goodness is Lobster in Hong Kong Style - 7.5 pounds of lobster. Trust me, it is bigger than it looks - you had to be there. Not only does it look impressive but it also tastes impressive. The lobster is lightly battered and deep fried and topped with lettuce, green onion and anchovies. By far the best part of eating a gigantic lobster is how big each individual piece is sized, making it worthwhile to dig out the meat. For example, the knuckle part usually yields a small amount of meat that is difficult to get to encased in a hard shell, but in this case it is well worth getting at. Even the legs, which you usually have to suck out for a thin strand of meat were worth breaking apart for a juicy hunk of meat.
In this closeup you can see the fried anchovies that were a great addition and made eating the stuff left at the bottom delicious too. They provided further crunch and saltiness. You can see how big the claws are in the pictures (to the sides) where they yield such large pieces of meat on the inside. It was so fun eating this dish knowing that all that work to get at the meat would be well worth the effort. Yum, Yum, Yum, Fun, Fun, Fun.
This is one of the courses of the King Crab, the leg with egg white and salted egg. It came out really, really hot and I think the egg cooks while being spread out onto the legs. The salted egg is a bit strong for my liking especially since the crab meat has a delicate flavour, but the sweetness of the crab still comes through wonderfully.
The crab is cooked in yet another way, this time with Maggi sauce. In terms of flavour this were the strongest and one of my favourites. The huge knuckle pieces had big chunks of crab meat that took on a lot of flavour from the sauce. It had a high salt content, but it deliciously enhanced the flavour.
Another plate of crab legs showing the claws. These pre-cracked legs are so easy to eat and delicious that it seems like you can finish the whole plate in a matter of minutes!
The fried rice had even more lobster (or crab?) and fish roe to go along with the gigantic shell. I'd be lying if I said we didn't play with the gigantic shell. We also didn't play with the gigantic lobster head with the two long antennae. The dish could have used more vegetables despite how nicely arranged they are. Maybe it is our fault for not ordering more vegetable dishes, but that's not the point of eating here, right?
Last is the black sesame dessert which was way more gelatinous than I expected and not that good. O Mei has better dessert.

We ordered a set menu for 4-6 people called the King Crab Dinner that costs $368. What they don't really say is that the lobster and crab they bring out for you to view weigh more than the weights on the set menu and they charge for extra weight. The King Crab we ordered was 7.55 pounds, 0.55 pounds over the set menu size and we were charged $42 / pound for the extra weight ($23.10). Similarly, the lobster was overweight by 2.5 pounds and we were charged an extra $16.99 per pound ($42.50). It would be nice to know the exact overage up front and maybe they did mention it in Chinese but I was probably too distracted with the spectacle of the sea creatures squirming at our table. So I would say that is the one downside to eating here - the surprise surcharges. Our meal ended up being $490 plus tip (for 8 people).

Otherwise, the food was amazing. After years of eating (relatively) tiny lobsters - especially when my friends couldn't be bothered to eat the smaller harder to break open pieces leaving them to me to finish - eating a lobster/crab this large was so so SO satisfying. Plus all the seafood was cooked to perfection and really showcased the wonderful natural seafood flavour. I would definitely recommend this for a special night out and considering how much a Western fancy dinner compares to this, it is pretty decent value. Unlike a fancy Western meal, it is a messy don't-wear-your-finest-clothes meal, but oh so worth it.


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