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Battling Gigantic Sea Monsters

Posted: 09/02/14

Battling Gigantic Sea Monsters

Restaurant: Fishman_Lobster_Clubhouse_Restaurant Scarborough

Nelson @Fishman Lobster Clubhouse: Seafood Chinese at its absolute finest. Well at the very least at its absolute largest. In this battle royale of sea monsters, we have weighing in on the left at 7.55 pounds, King Crab! On our right, at 7.5 pounds we have Giant Lobster! The picture in no ways does justice to how huge they really are. For reference, they take up the whole lazy susan! In the end, the crab and the lobster both lose as they ended up in our bellies.
Apparently this is the new location and it is a very clean and neat space for a Chinese restaurant. In the shape of an octagon (or hexagon, can't remember), you are surrounded on all sides by clean tanks filled with these monstrous sea creatures. It makes for a noisy and squished environment, but the focus is definitely on the food. They also smartly provide plastic gloves to keep your hands clean as you eat the seafood. Great idea I wish more restaurant would adopt.
Like all Cantonese meals, let's start with the soup. This is a pretty standard one with wintermelon, but it also had some smoked ham which provided a nice salty punch.
This whole bass was served in a unique way with the mouth open and flattened from the top so that it stands up and is not laying on its side. Another unique touch was serving the soy sauce in a wine glass and having it poured out just before the fish was served. We replaced the original menu item of soup with this fish and I think we came out way ahead. In terms of taste, the fish was excellent.
This is simply boiled Chinese lettuce. Once again the soy sauce is served in a wine glass. In the back you can see the sauce for the sweet and sour pork, which we swapped out from the set menu for the bottle of wine.
I kinda liked how the pork was served separately from the sweet and sour sauce. It allows the pork to retain the maximum amount of crunchiness and this one was quite crunchy. Overall I've had better, but this was still way better than the bottle of wine.

Today's entry is a tease because I haven't posted pictures of the lobster or the crab yet. Stay tuned, because the pics are well worth it.

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