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CNE 2013

Posted: 08/31/14

CNE 2013

Restaurant: Bacon_Nation CNE Toronto

Nelson @LetsGoToTheEX @BaconNationCA: I always want to go each year just to try the newest outrageous food item. Last year's was the cronut burger, but by the time I had the chance to go, it was already not being sold because of food safety violations. This post is from almost exactly one year ago at the Ex and instead we tried different foods from the food terminal. I had the BBBLT from Bacon Nation which is stuffed with strips of bacon and peameal bacon with bacon mayo ($9.75). Yup, that is three B's for bacon! The mayo actually just has bacon bits. Overall salty as one would expect for something crammed with so much bacon. It was good and a little pricey, but I suppose almost everything at the CNE is pricey.

Kitty ordered a Mexican poutine from some vendor she doesn't remember. Basically nachos with fries and cheese curds. Lots of salsa, avocado and sour cream with ground beef. So many calories and even though it was good, with that many calories I would expect it taste even better. The good thing with this one is that the cheese curds had all melted and mixed in well with everything else to make it a proper poutine. This concept sounds promising, but in the end it didn't taste as good as I thought it would.


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