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Roger's Centre Concessions 2013

Posted: 08/29/14

Roger's Centre Concessions 2013

Restaurant: Rogers_Centre Toronto

Nelson @Rogers_Centre @BlueJays: These concessions are from last year recorded from my many outings to the Roger's Centre. This year's is better, but you'll have to wait for that post!

Baseball food is synonymous with hot dogs. The ones here are special in the sense that they are footlong and they have freshly grilled vegetables on top. Surprisingly delicious! I think the veggies make such a big difference.

Now you can also top your dog with a bunch of other ingredients too as much as you like. Ingredients include mushrooms, pickles, onions, peppers, pickled cabbage, hot peppers and many more. I'll have to take a photo the next time I'm there. This one just has the basics.
Chicken fingers and fries. Very basic, but gets the job done as the chicken is pretty tasty.
This is the chicken and waffle loaded frites ($10). This feels very heavy and is satisfying for the first few bites, but gets tiring as you get to the end. The value in terms of number of calories to enjoyment is pretty low, partly because I can imagine this being unhealthy.
At the Budweiser bar, I tried the Budweiser Braised Top Sirloin with onion bun, horseradish aioli, caramelized onions and Budweiser smoked BBQ sauce ($10.75). Pretty decent actually, just a tad dry, but full of different complementary flavours. I guess it is pretty good for stadium food.
Let's close with the stereotypical hot dog. Can't go wrong with this, right?


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