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Sam Woo Dinner

Posted: 08/25/14

Sam Woo Dinner

Restaurant: Mississauga Sam_Woo_BBQ

Nelson @Mississauga: One of the my go to Chinese restaurants in the west side is Sam Woo. Dim Sum is good, dinner is good and late night snack is good. We were here for dinner this time.

You have to get the BBQ pork. By far the best I have had in Toronto, it is soooo good. This dish alone is worth the trip. The BBQ duck is quite good as well. They know how to (Chinese) BBQ.

Mixed seafood and mushrooms. Good variety tot this dish.
This is a new dish that we tried, fish covered in almonds. It was really good. The sauce that came with it, a sweet mango sauce was completely unnecessary and superfluous. Nice try, but some other sauce would have worked better here, because the fish was delicious.
Beef and vegetable. I always wonder if I could ever make beef like this at home and because I don't have tenderizer, I don't think I could ever try. Maybe I should buy some. Th vegetable here has a hint of liquorice which I don't like.
The lobster on this day was disappointing. Maybe it was too small or it wasn't fresh enough, but it just didn't taste as good as it normally should.
One of my favourites to the end the meal, do fu hua. So simple, but so delicate, soft and silky make for a delicious dessert and perfect light way to end the meal. Sam Woo is still one of my favourites despite some of the missteps on this trip.

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