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NYF - Butter Chicken Poutine

Posted: 08/23/14

NYF - Butter Chicken Poutine

Restaurant: Kitchener New_York_Fries

Nelson @NewYorkFries: Despite the name, New York Fries is a Canadian company that bought out a New York Fry place but now doesn't have any stores in the USA. Get that? Anyway they are my favourite fries and have enjoyed them ever since I was a kid. Like every single other friggin place in Canada they have a selection of poutines. I didn't want to be cliche and have yet another pulled pork poutine, so I tried the butter chicken instead. This is described as mildly spiced Butter Chicken served over real Quebec cheese curd and fresh cut fries. Not sure if intentional, but the chicken is hardly present and it is more like a sauce. At least the sauce was decent, but it could have used more curds. Missing two of the major ingredients is not so good, but as always the fries themselves were spectacular. I noticed that the fries are now a little thinner now and I wonder if that is a permanent change in their recipe. Next time I will probably pick another type or their best item, the plain fries.

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