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Boston Pizza Celebrates 50 Years

Posted: 09/01/14

Boston Pizza Celebrates 50 Years

Restaurant: Boston_Pizza Brampton

dre @bostonpizza: Boston Pizza celebrated their 50th birthday on August 12, which happens to be Mike and Nelson's birthday as well! Mike and I went to Boston Pizza for lunch, because for their 50th birthday, they were featuring $5 Indy pizzas - all individual sized pizza were only $5! This is a great deal because the regular price ranged from $10-13.

Mike tried the Spicy Perogy pizza - A combination of sour cream, smoky bacon and Cactus Cut Potatoes with pizza mozzarella and cheddar, topped with green onion and a generous dollop of sour cream. I didn't expect to like it, but this was surprisingly tasty. I enjoyed the potato in the pizza that was cut thinly and layered under the cheese. The sour cream was very subtle (not the blob on top, but as the pizza sauce). The bacon was super yummy.

I tried the Tropical Chicken pizza - alfredo sauce, pizza mozzarella, cheddar, smoky bacon, spicy chicken breast and pineapple. Again, the bacon was delicious. The spice of the chicken and the sweetness of the pineapple complimented each other nicely.

I really like Boston Pizza's pizza crust as well, though oily, but not as bad as pan pizza crust, like Pizza Hut.

The waitress gave us a brownie ice cream for Mike's birthday. The brownie was served warm and it was yummy.

I do enjoy Boston Pizza's food. I should come here more often!

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