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The Franklin House

Posted: 08/19/14

The Franklin House

Restaurant: Mississauga The_Franklin_House

Nelson @franklinjessie: In Streetsville and looking for a meal, we decided to enjoy the pleasant weather and sit on their patio. The road is a tad busy and close for a truly enjoyable patio experience, but you have to make the best with what you are given in Toronto. This is a British pub in a Heritage building, but since I sat outside I didn't really get to check out the building.

We started with the Grilled Chicken Supreme with tender chicken breast with bacon, cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce ($11.95). It is a really big portion with a thick cut of bacon and chicken. With all those big ingredients surprisingly the BBQ sauce came through the most and since I like BBQ sauce I liked it. The bun although looking plain was really sweet and that came through too.

A British pub means I had to try the Fish & Chips. These are beer battered and golden fried haddock, served with Franklin Fries, coleslaw and tartar sauce ($12.95). I found there was a tad too much batter on the fish making it seem bigger than it really is. The fries here are really really good. I think it is because they use peanut oil and fried twice? Using large grain sea salt helps too. Whatever the reason the fries were delicious.
Lastly for more pub fare, we tried the Franklin Combo with Franklin Wings, Quesadillas and Nachos ($19.95). The nachos were ok with the long shredded lettuce making it a bit strange. Is that something they do in Britain? The wings were no good because they were overcooked which made them dry and then the scant sauce awkwardly applied didn't help either. The Quesidallas were ok. The best part of this dish was the generous serving of avocado salsa and sour cream.

The waiter mentioned that most everything here is cooked from scratch, which is a good sign. Overall a decent (British) pub fare that could improve in a few areas.

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