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Grand Chinese Cuisine for Dinner

Posted: 08/15/14

Grand Chinese Cuisine for Dinner

Restaurant: Grand_Chinese_Cuisine Toronto

Nelson @ Dixon & 427: Surprisingly one of the best Chinese restaurants around is in Etobicoke.This time I was here for dinner with another couple from Japan and I was trying to show them that the Chinese food in Toronto is world class.

Who doesn't like Peking Duck? The perfect combination of meat, skin and fat all wrapped up in a pastry.

They make really good pastries here as they weren't dry or flaky but moist and stayed together well. They even had a bit of green onion worked into the dough. Excellent. They could have brought out more garnishes though.
This is a vegetarian dish in a bird's nest. Lot's of variety which means it is difficult to cook well. A good dish to order at restaurant because you'll never have so many ingredients at home to cook this.
The second course of the duck. Delicous. Usually there are white crisps with this dish, but it wasn't included...
...because it came as a wrap! Never seen that before. I like it mixed up with the duck better though.
This lobster was tasty and full of flavour. This is a more fried and more soy sauced version of the regular green onion/garlic prepartation that tastes a lot better. This time it was a tad overcooked unfortunately.
Some noodles with chicken and shrimp as our carb.
Finally a pork dish that was absolutely tasty and fatty.

Overall really well cooked dishes at this quality restaurant. Not exactly fine dining, but as close as you can get for Chinese cooking.

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