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Four Seasons after dinner

Posted: 08/11/14

Four Seasons after dinner

Restaurant: Four_Seasons Toronto

Nelson @FSToronto: So there is even more food? After dinner there were some snack foods just in case you weren't already full. Very Canadian and appropriate to show out of towners a bit of our country was some poutine, specifically Quebec poutine with smoked cheese curd, red win jus. I was too full for this unfortunately.
These are mini croque monsieur sandiches with apple and pommery mustard butter. I don't think I had one as I was very full already.
Mini beef sliders with jalapeno ketchup. Again, too full.
I think I was too busy drinking, but a dessert table was eventually put out. By the time I got to it, it was thoroughly picked through already. You can see exactly one macaron left on the pyramid.
Other desserts included chocolate marquis with raspberry, almond frangipane, chocolate fudge and spiced appled tort with sweet mascarpone. My memory gets a bit shaky at this point since the drinks at the bar were flowing and we had booked a hotel room so I could drink away. Definitely a fun party with great food, drinks and friends!


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