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Four Seasons Wedding Mains

Posted: 08/09/14

Four Seasons Wedding Mains

Restaurant: Four_Seasons Toronto

Nelson @FSToronto: After a great start with the apps, let's check out the mains. It starts with artisanal breads and creamery butter. A good delicious variety, so it is a good start.
Applewood smoked lake trout rillettes, white fish caviar, celery root and radish remoulade, lemon sabayon, pumpernickel crisp. I really enjoyed this because the rillette was delicious with a strong but pleasant fish taste with a hint of smokiness. Yum.
Next appetizer is house made smoked duck pastrami, sweet corn griddle cake, red wine braised cabbage, apple cider jus. Once again the duck was great because the smoking was expertly done. I never knew duck could taste this smokey and it turns out it is delicious. The other ingredients were ok, but the duck was by far the best part of this dish.
The main is a slow roasted Ontario venison loin, parmesan-rhubarb polenta savarin, roasted baby beets, parsnip puree, black currant jus, prosciutto crisp. The salty crust on the venison was great and overall it was just a tad gamey. Hard to see, but the parnsip puree was great, but since I'm not a big fan of polenta it was only ok. It takes skill to cook venison correctly especially at a large event and they pulled it off.
The other main was a red shiso and seaweed crusted black cod, shiitake mushroom and furikake rice cake, garlic roasted baby bok choy, sweet and sour black been vinaigrette. I think this was choice for the older Asian crowd, so while it wasn't straight up Asian it was tuned for Asian tastes. For example, the rice crisp was very Asian with a Western twist to it. The cod was quite good as well, but I think the best preparation is Japanese style with this one just short of that. Still a good overall dish and one that I'm sure pleased the older Asian people.
One of the desserts was the coconut Bavarian cream, chocolate sable, salted caramel ganache. This was decent, but I liked the next one better...
This is a honey tuile tube, roasted pecan creme de ganache, champagne sabayon, milk chocolate ice cream. The filling in the tube, the roasted pecan creme de ganache was spectacular and I loved it. Delicious way to end the meal!

But wait, there's more, stay tuned!


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