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Four Season's Wedding Appetizers are the Bomb!

Posted: 08/07/14

Four Season's Wedding Appetizers are the Bomb!

Restaurant: Four_Seasons Toronto

Nelson @FourSeasons: The best wedding appetizers ever? Yes. Leo & Adrienne's wedding at the Four Seasons is the winner. This first picture was the highlight - oysters and caviar. A server was furiously shucking oysters for the guests as they were very popular. They were the bomb. The caviar are the following from left to right: sustainable New Brunswick Acadian sturgeon caviar, BC keta Salmon caviar, St. Jacobs trout caviar and Great Lakes golden white fish caviar. Personally I think caviar goes best with something else like a bread and they had buckwheat blini and brioche toast points, but they ran out quickly and didn't refill them. In general they were salty and there were slight differences in taste between them, but I didn't write any specific notes on each one. Too busy enjoying the party.
You can see all the garnishes that were available, and I tried a few here and there, but I'm not too experienced with caviar and didn't know what was the best. Something to learn.
Besides the seafood, they had a lot of other foods as well. An assorted salami platter, olives and some hot foods that aren't pictured. They had cheese tortelinni with mushrooms and prosciutto, chicken parmigiana with chunky tomato & fresh torn basil which were both excellent. They also had a vegetarian lasagna that I didn't try.
A selection of bread that I didn't think to use with the caviar unfortunately. Must have been the champagne (not pictured) they were giving out.
Some nice mozzarella cheese was also available in huge slices.
In conclusion, the best appetizers for a wedding that I have ever had. Nice variety, quality ingredients and delicious. I would have been happy with the food from just the appetizers alone and gone home happy. But there's more...


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