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Another Industry Event

Posted: 08/03/14

Another Industry Event

Restaurant: Anaheim

Nelson: Are there more vegetarians in California and does that affect their buffets? This is another "free" industry event, where I could try a little of everything. Let's find out what is popular here.

A big pile of grilled vegetables! Delicious and a lot of variety too.

Pasta, with the one in front with strimp and macaroni, while in the one in the back is penne and a tomato meat sauce. Would have figured a vegetarian pasta here, but nope.
But there is Mexican food. A chicken taco on the left and something new for me, a pulled pork taco with salsa verde. This was absolutely delicious and my favourite item from the night.
Chicken skewers with a bbq like sauce.
Vegetarian dumplings. These were pretty gross.
Beef skewers that we spiced niced and were also delicious.
Bread and cheese.
Hummus and pita as well as bruschetta.
Another dip, but I'm not sure what the dip is. Fruit on the side as well, always welcome for me.
Some cheese spanakopita.
Vegetarian spring rolls that I didn't like very much.

In conclusion, there were many vegetarian choices and decent ones too, but they didn't skimp on the meat either as the meat dishes that were made were really good. Everyone wins!


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