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More free food

Posted: 07/24/13

More free food

Restaurant: Anaheim

Nelson: Another sponsored dinner, I wondered if buffets are different in California. Let's find out.

Grilled vegetables. Are there more vegetarians in California and as a result do they cater to them more? Maybe.

Shrimp mac and cheese and a meat penne.
Lots of Mexican food in Cali, which isn't surprising. On the left is a chicken taco and on the right is a pulled pork taco with a salsa verde. This was absolutely delicously meaty with a great flavour. Delicious!
Chicken skewers
Vegetarian dumplings....kinda weird
Beef satay. These were also really good.
Cheese and bread.
Bruschetta and hummus pita dip. Yum.
Fruit and I don't remember what this dip is. Not even sure if it was meat.
Greek spanakopita. Another vegetarian dish.
Vegetarian spring rolls. Also not very good. In conclusion, there are quite a few vegetarian dishes, but they definitely don't skimp on the meat dishes either. Everyone wins.


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