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Angel Stadium

Posted: 07/26/14

Angel Stadium

Restaurant: Anaheim Angel_Stadium

Nelson @angelstadium: Only a few blocks away from the convention center, I felt compelled to visit Angel stadium on a slow night. It is in the middle of nowhere/suburb/parking lot so the atmosphere isn't great, but it is a nice stadium inside. The waterfalls with pyrotechnics in the outfield and the open back make for a nice view once you are inside. I got to give credit to the fans who came out on a weekday night and almost filled the stadium, but most left with the team down late in the game. Maybe it was to beat traffic. It meant that I could walk up almost right behind the dugout which was neat.

The most entertaining part of the whole experience was the rally monkey! That monkey is hilarious and the crowd really reacts to him. Plus it was a rally monkey giveaway day and I got to take one home!

I looked around for any unique or special food vendors but could find nothing that I thought was unique. So I went with the tried and true, a hotdog, beer and chips. Nothing special here unfortunately, but still a good overall experience.


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