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Industry Event in LA

Posted: 07/22/14

Industry Event in LA

Restaurant: none

Nelson @ Anaheim: Back to LA, I decided to ditch my coworkers and meet some new people at an industry event. Just serving dessert I figured I would be full enough. Also I didn't have a car to go pick up a real dinner. Yup I was do people in LA stay so skinny?

I suppose cheese and crackers can be considered an after dinner food, but I treated it as my "main" Lots of variety and people were going crazy over it.

This was the most interesting item there, a bar where you make dessert nachos. The nachos are deep fried but sprinkled with a cinnamon sugar. Then you put toppings you like which in my case was a lot fruit. An interesting idea, and pretty tasty since the nachos were delicious.
As you can tell I like fruit. You can't see the nachos underneath the fruit in this picture unfortunately.
Corn flake balls. Tasted a bit stale actually.
Cakes and more cakes. I passed on these, although they did look good.
Dippin Dots....for free!
Rice Krispies dipped in rainbow sprinkles. I couldn't resist trying one.
Cake pops. Like cupcakes, I'm not a big fan for some strange reason. People seem to love it though.
Candy bar. I couldn't resist the peanut M&Ms.
Lastly is cotton candy with bacon bits. Yup.

I'm an adult, I can have dessert for dinner, right? Right?


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  • How was the bacon cotton candy??
    dre @ 2014-07-23

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