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Cagneys Wine Bar

Posted: 07/20/14

Cagneys Wine Bar

Restaurant: Cagneys_Wine_Bar Mississauga

Nelson @Cagneys3: Thursdays are Jazz nights at this Streetsville eatery. I never knew there was such a classy place with a downtown vibe so close to me! The jazz is provided by a 3 piece band in the nicely decorated bar area and we enjoyed listening to them. The host was even so nice to offer free drinks, but alas we had to drive. The numerous patrons for a Thursday night looked like they were enjoying themselves and I'm sure the wine helped with that ;)

Let's start with bread service which came out not warm, but hot! The honey butter went well with these hot buns. A good start.

We went with one order from the prix fixe menu which included a caesar salad to start. This was an excellent caesar because they didn't overdose on the amount of dressing which is a pet peeve of mine. The fried pancetta on top and fresh cheese slices were definite welcome bonuses.
Kitty had the stuffed chicken supreme with pesto, cheddar, purple crushed potatoes, sun dried tomatoes, seasonal vegetables and mushroom jus ($24). At first I thought they stuffed a chicken thigh which would be really unique, but upon closer inspection it turned out to be a breast with the wing sticking out (wedding banquet style). The flavour was heavy with cheese and especially pesto, and the chicken itself was deliciously moist. These are also the most purple potatoes I have ever eaten and they were filled with butter. I couldn't tell if they tasted any different from regular potatoes (because of the overwhelming butter), but they did have a bit of starchier texture. The mushroooms were way too salty. A unique dish that was enjoyable but mediocre overall.
Upon the waiter's recommendation I tried the certified Angus New York steak with tender New York striploin served with seasonal vegetables and choice of potato ($44 prix fixe). I eat steak rare and I think that's a mistake in some cases I do this at Keg often and perhaps it explains why I don't like going there, as I'm learning that striploins are better eaten medium rare instead of rare. Other better cuts of steak improve the rarer they are, but striploins not so much. When this steak arrived, it actually came medium well, which I don't like at all. I had a bite from the fatty side and I must admit it actually tasted good, but that's when I saw almost no redness inside. I don't normally like to waste food, but I wasn't looking for something more rare so I sent it back. They came back right away with a bit of champagne and my rare steak shortly after. This time it was almost too rare, between blue and rare, so not ideal, but this time I ate it. So not the best steak experience I've ever had.
As part of the prix fixe this dessert of mascapone cheese with cookie crumble bottom, chocolate chips and fresh berries finished the meal. It looked like it was half eaten, but it was delicious. The lightness of cheese was incredible and we devoured it. The cookie bottom was delicious as well and the chocolate chips provided shots of sweetness. Yum!

Overall, the service was excellent with really attentive wait staff and a fast kitchen. They even turned down the AC in our booth when they saw we were trying to stay warm. The atmosphere was great but the food could use some work. Still an enjoyable night out in Mississauga though!

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