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Night It Up 2014 Again

Posted: 07/16/14

Night It Up 2014 Again

Restaurant: Markham Night_It_Up

Nelson @NightItUp: We were in the area the next day and I couldn't resist going back. We wanted to try the Takoyaki and line up for some (6 for $6). The flavour was decent, but found that the inside was full of...
air. Most I've had before had more filling, so this was a little disappointing in that respect.
Again it was so hot we needed a drink. This is from TenRen, a green tea lime with aloe vera ($4). Delicious and the jelly seems to cool you down even more!
We also had another Wei's Stink Tofu ($6 and not pictured) because it was so good the day before. This time the vegetables weren't as good because they weren't pickled for very long and I think there was less sugar, so it was a bit on the sour side for my tastes. The tofu was still incredibly good. I think the secret to stinky tofu is that when you eat it you don't taste or feel the oil. It is deep fried, but it can be hard to tell.

I couldn't leave without stopping by Snow Ice for some shaved ice ($5). I love the popping bobba balls, even though they are a bit sweet when compared to the shaved ice. The shaved ice mango flavour was not as intense as I have had before so it wasn't the best I've had, but it was still refreshing and delicious.

So I went to the night market twice in one weekend! You can tell I love going!


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