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Azure Summerlicious 2014

Posted: 07/14/14

Azure Summerlicious 2014

Restaurant: Azure Toronto

DISCLAIMER: This meal was provided free of charge to promote Azure's Summerlicious menu for 2014.

dre @ICTorontoCentre : In the Intercontinental Hotel on Front Street, there is a restaurant inside called Azure. We have been invited several times to taste their Summerlicious and Winterlicious meals and they were kind enough to offer us a Summerlicious meal again this year.

To be honest, I can't say that I was that impressed or excited about their Summerlicious menu. None of the items looked particularly exciting to me, but like I always do, I already chose what I wanted to eat before we got to the restaurant. Was I disappointed? Read on to find out!

The biggest perk of Azure is that they provide free valet parking to those dining there. However, this time, we did not take advantage of that service this time as we knew driving on the Gardiner was going to be a nightmare with all the lane closures. Instead, we took a stress-free ride on the TTC. This restaurant is located in between Union Station and St. Andrew Station, so you can take your pick.

As always, the bread service is delicious, and once again, I really enjoyed the breadsticks the best!

We ordered some drinks. Mike got the Manhattan, which is basically a lot of whiskey on the rocks. It was really strong for him and he nursed it the whole night. I tried the Pear and Vanilla Sparkler, which is vodka, fresh lime, and house made vanilla pear soda. I had it without vodka, and it was a nice refreshing drink. I liked the bits of pear in the drink as well as the vanilla bean particles sprinkled on top.
For the appetizer, I ordered the Seared Tuna & Compressed Watermelon - baby watercress, avocado cream, orange, cucumber, micro greens. I'm not sure what the micro green refers to.

This dish got served to Mike and I got served what he ordered. I knew at the back of my mind that the tuna probably wasn't well done ("seared" was the give-away), but I took a chance and ordered it anyway. The tuna did turn out to be not fully cooked, so Mike banned me from eating it and he kept the dish. He said the tuna was REALLY good. Tasted like steak, but with a chewier texture. I tried a piece of watermelon and it was really juicy. I think they marinated it with balsamic vinegar dressing. Poo, I wanted to eat it... Oh well, one more month and then I can have all the rare foods I want!

I got his appetizer, the Heirloom Tomatoes - buffalo mozzarella, basil, figs, balsamic glaze. While it had a nice colouful presentation, I thought the dish was mediocre. The figs were very sweet and I ate them all, as I rarely get a chance to eat them. The tomatoes were all right, and I also ate the basil leaves just because they were there. Mike ate the mozzarella cheese by adding it to his bread to make it a cheese sandwich.
For the main course, I had the Lemon Basil Pesto Tagliatelle - zucchinis, roasted peppers, ricotta cheese and toasted almonds. This pasta dish was delicious! It was quite heavy and very filling. I really enjoyed the pasta and the pesto sauce. I didn't try the ricotta cheese, but the almonds were the best part of the dish! It added a nice crunch in every bite.
Mike had the Ontario Beef Striploin - pink peppercorns, truffle pomme puree, scallions, king mushrooms, and au jus. I tried a small piece of meat on the side that was well(ish) done, and liked how it was seared to keep the juices in. Mike said his steak was really delicious as well. I liked how it came with all those sides of mushrooms and mashed potatoes underneath.
For dessert, I had the Lindt Milk Chocolate Torte - chocolate mousse, marshmallow creme, ganache, sour cherry and praline. This cake was moist and wasn't too sweet or heavy and just perfect to end off the meal.
Mike had the Mango and Raspberry Sorbet. It was huge and definitely really fresh. I don't know if you can tell by the second picture, but the mango sorbet was extremely thick and it tasted like I was eating mango straight up. It was really good and left us a bit chilled after eating all that cold sorbet!

There is still a week left of Summerlicious, so if you need help deciding where to go, I don't think you'll be disappointed if you come to Azure! While the menu didn't look that attractive to me at first, I was surprised at how delicious everything was and I really enjoyed my meal here!

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