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Aroma Espresso Bar

Posted: 07/25/14

Aroma Espresso Bar

Restaurant: Aroma_Espresso_Bar Toronto

dre @aromaespresso: Another place I went to for lunch is Aroma Espresso Bar. There is one located under the National Bank building at King Street and York Street. There was a huge line up at lunch, so this must be really popular spot for people to have lunch.

I tried the "Super Foods Choice Combo" which consists of the Avocado Sandwich and Quinoa Salad - both things I wanted to try!

The sandwich had an avocado spread, jalapenos, red onions, tomato, and slices of hard boiled egg. The bread of the sandwich was not toasted, so it was a little soggy in the middle. The ingredients tasted fresh and I enjoyed it.

The salad had quinoa, tomato, cucumber, grilled eggplant, red onion, fresh mint and served with herb dressing. This salad was huge!

And lastly, to treat myself, I got the Aroma Coffee, which has chocolate melted into it and sprinkled with chocolate!

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