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Big and Tasty Italian Sandwiches

Posted: 07/19/14

Big and Tasty Italian Sandwiches

Restaurant: Toronto Uno_Mustachio

dre @ St. Lawrence Market: I've posted this sandwich many many times before, but I couldn't resist doing it one more time.

This sandwich shop is located downstairs in the St. Lawrence Market and one of my favourite places to go for lunch when I'm at work. Unfortunately, it is quite a hike from my office (about 15 minute walk), so it's not one of those places where I can just run to for a quick lunch. But on the days when I have time to take a walk there, it is worth it!

I usually get the chicken or veal cutlet sandwich. They can put hot peppers in the sandwich for a spicy experience. The sandwich is quite messy to eat as the sauce leaks everywhere, but it's so yummy!

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