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Nak Won

Posted: 06/30/14

Nak Won

Restaurant: Markham Nak_Won

Nelson: Does this Korean restaurant distinguish itself? Read on to find out.

The banchan (side dishes) had a good variety. My favourite was the potato, but all of them were pretty good.

Some more banchan, and some of the heartier ones. I like all three of these, so off to a good start.
This bulgoki jungol ($25.99) is seasoned marinated sirloin beef and vegetables with noodles. I often see this dish at the bars. It was a huge dish and pretty good.
This Kalbijjim is steamed marinated beef ribs ($14.99) and it may have been the worse one I have tried. Maybe I'm not used to this style, but this one specifically had way too much corn starch and/or gelatin and the sauce was just so sticky to the point where it was gross. And then the meat wasn't even tender or good tasting. Disaster of a dish.
The dolsot bibimbap ($8.99) comes in a stone bowl as I learned from a commenter. The dolsot part indicating as such. Decent version here.
Strange to order at a Korean restaurant, but we tried the deep fried gyoza ($4.99). They had a lot of hearty filling which I liked (besides the deep fried aspect of course).
The Mool Naeng Myun ($8.99) are cold noodles with sliced beef and vegetables in cold beef broth. Beautifully arranged, the portion was a little small, but it tasted pretty good. This dish is hard to split among multiple people.
This is the Haemool Pahjun Jun ($12.99) and we opted for the seafood version of Korean pancake, but they had a kimchi version as well. It was ok, not as thick as others I have had or stuffed as full of seafood, but I suppose easier to eat.

Overall, not really good and not really bad, with a mix of good and bad dishes. Maybe inconsistent is the right word here?

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