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Posted: 06/28/14


Restaurant: Bahamas Graycliff

Nelson: Situated on a Colonial mansion the grounds and settings have an old world charm. Upon entering, you are seating in a living room that feels like you a visting someone's, a very rich someone's home. You can peruse the menu and start your order while you sip on a cocktail. The entertainment here is ogling the thousands of dollar bottles (each) of alcohol on display. The food that comes out here is some pickles, olives and carrots just to whet your appetite. Once the appetizers are ready, you are brought to your table by the impeccable service staff. b
We were greeted by an amuse bouche. This was chicken teriyaki on a crostini with cheese.
They say they have fine dining here with a touch of Bahamiam specialties. I think the sweet dough bread qualifies as that. These are really dense but taste wonderfully rich and are completely addicting.
Greycliff has the third largest private collection of wine IN THE WORLD! More on that later.

Mike handled the wine selection from among a selection of literally thousands. I remember the white was good, but don't remember any details beyond that.

This is a watermelon palate cleanser.
I had Les Fruits de Mer a la Greaycliff ($66.50) with a medley of Canadian jumbo sea scallops, Bahamiam spiny deep sea lobster, white gulf coast shrimp, shallow water nassau grouper filet and grand selection of seasonal vegetables.

The lobster was unique, expertly served and tasted excellent. It was a little different from regular lobster I'm used to as it was more firm and not as chewy.

The shrimp were grilled nicely and the scallop was cooked expertly as well, but I have had better scallop before. The fish was a little burnt but had an excellent firm texture. There's a mussel in the back, but it was just a regular mussel.

Normally I don't eat dessert, but the excellent waiters convinved us to try the house specialy souffles. They came out all inflated as they should and shortly after the waiter poked a hole in the top and...
...poured liquid sauce in the middle. They had several unique flavours which include guava and banana and....
...I can't remember. I was getting pretty tipsy at this point and my notes suffered as a result. I don't remember the flavours, but I remember I enjoyed eating it. We only ordered 3 souffles ($16) among the 6 of us so we only got a little bit of each of the flavours.
After dinner and a few cookie snacks we wandered the beautiful premises and watched the in house cigar roller for a while. We also looked at the impressive alcohol collection yet again. But the highlight was visiting the wine cellar, which holds over 250,000 bottles! There was one bottle worth over $200,000! The wine cellar was huge and like a maze. We came upon a room where you can dine in and of course it was surrounded by walls of wine. Crazy.

Overall a really unique setting with impeccable classic service and a very fine meal.


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