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Fish Fry

Posted: 06/22/14

Fish Fry

Restaurant: Bahamas

Nelson: There's a famous area in Bahamas called the fish fry which is a strip of restaurants by the ocean serving fresh seafood. It seems their most famous local dish is the conch and we saw quite a few sitting out enticing customers. These specific ones looked like they had been sitting out in the sun for a while and didn't look that good, but you can see what they look like in the wild. We didn't eat here.

We ate at The Fish Fry: The New Big Ten-Briland Lounge. They enticed us by giving us a free drink called the Bahama Mama, which turned out to be (artificial) fruit punch with rum. They also had an air conditioned room and I think that may have been the biggest draw after walking around in the sun all day.

Since we were in the Bahamas we started with conch fritters ($4). After eating so many times I decided that it isn't actually that good. Every place we tried it cooked it differently so there is a large variance in this dish.
I had the fish fry ($12). They warned me that there would be a lot of bones, but I don't mind bones that much. The fish itself was nicely deep fried and had a salty exterior. The coleslaw was good since it wasn't too creamy or too vineary. I was happy with my dish and getting the namesake dish of this area.
This is the cracked conch ($16). It is similar to calamari but the meat is harder and a little less chewy. This is my favourite preparation of conch that I had on the trip. The plantains that came with it was disappointing as it tasted closer to a banana than the plantains I'm used (ie sweet).
Last is the Conch salad ($10). More oniony and vinegary than anything it was hard to taste the conch. I suppose the conch lends more texture than taste to this dish.

Overall even though this area caters to tourists, it's an enjoyable time and decent food. It is definitely cheaper than the resort food and better tasting. It is well worth your time to come out here for the food.


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