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Atlantis Marketplace Buffet

Posted: 06/18/14

Atlantis Marketplace Buffet

Restaurant: Atlantis Bahamas

Nelson @ Bahamas: Atlantis is a mega resort in the Bahamas and we arrived late that night. Not feeling brave enough to venture to the city we opted for the buffet at the resort. Big mistake. First of all, the buffet costs around $60. For $60 you should expect high quality, but instead we got low quality....for $60. The Marketplace buffet is supposed to feature food from around the world and is the lower cost buffet at the resort. The one item that I found unique/local was the conch chowder. It was meh.

The one thing it did have going for it was the sheer amount of variety available. You are guaranteed to find something you like....I hope. I'm not going to label every single picture, but some of the foods include pizza, a wide selection of bread, chicken wings, grilled fish, Shepard's pie, grilled sausages, more grilled fish, grilled steak, huge mounds of cold shrimp, mussels and smoked salmon.

There was a taco station, a pork loin and prime rib, some vegetarian fare, a Mongolian grill station, two Indian dishes, white rice and Caribbean rice, maki, a selection of Italian antipasto, grilled vegetables, raw vegetables/salad and swedish meatballs.

Yes they do have variety, but the quality is just not there. My favourites were the grilled steak as long as you picked a rare piece. I also liked the grilled vegetables. That's about it. Things I didn't like include the taco stand (how do you screw this up??), maki, low quality smoked salmon, and the grilled fish was dry. With so much variety I didn't get a chance to try everything, but I don't think I missed out on anything.

Once thing that I discovered later was that I tried conch fritter, but I didn't realize it at the time. I just thought it was some battered deep fried meat.

Even the desserts weren't very impressive. With some cakes, apple crumble, banana cake, various tarts, cookies (I took one as I was leaving), and more cakes. At least there was a chocolate fountain with fresh fruit. There was also Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

Overall, considering the cost and the quality this is by far the worse buffet I have ever experienced. Atlantis is an older resort and its age is showing. Good thing a new resort is being built in the Bahamas.


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