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The David Duncan House

Posted: 06/16/14

The David Duncan House

Restaurant: David_Duncan_House

Nelson: An old school steakhouse with a beautiful property and building (an old Gothic farmhouse) to match. Inside you feel like you are in a fancy home and with old school waiters in tuxedos. The interior is decorated richly, but it still feels like someone's home. Enough about the place, let's get onto the food.

This first pic is how the chateaubriand Bouquetiere is served. More on this dish later.

The meal starts with delicious garlic bread.
Starters of olives, pickles and cottage cheese placate hungry patrons when they arrive. The cottage cheese was extremely plain, the pickles only ok and I don't really like olives too much and these were really strong. Perhaps these starters match the palate of some people, but not mine. Maybe I need to be older?
Someone else ordered this Duckling a l'Orange Grand Marnier ($27.95) with a crispy oven-roasted Duckling deboned and topped with their secret orange Grand Marnier sauce. To me the sauce tasted like a sweet and sour sauce, so perhaps not so secret. I wonder if they change the sauce based on the clientele.
This is the Roast Prime Rib regular cut ($34.95). I used to order prime rib a lot at steak restaurants as it is also difficult to cook correctly at home. The little bit of this one I tasted was excellent
This is the Duncan's seafood delight with broiled salmon, halibut, shrimps and scallops, topped with a garlic butter sauce ($30.95). I didn't get a chance to try this one. Someone else ordered chicken breast which wasn't that good either (not pictured). I know, these people are ordering the wrong items here, but nothing I can do about it.
I orderd the lovely ChateauBriand Bouquetiere (for two) ($91.95) with beef tenderloin prepared tableside, served with sauteed mushrooms, asparagus tips, an array of vegetables and Bearnaise sauce. It looks really raw/rare inside, almost too much so, but once I started eating it, it turned out to be perfect. The outsides were seared just right with a great complimentary amount of saltiness. I usually don't have sauce with steak, but the Bearnaise sauce was quite good adding even more richness to this dish in a positive way. The veggies were good with a buttery taste and only the pickled artichoke not to my liking. It was off-putting seeing the Chinese vegetable though and perhaps they are catering to their clientele again? The double cooked potato was really with the crisp skin. Delicious!

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