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Delux - Cuban Sandwich in TO

Posted: 06/12/14

Delux - Cuban Sandwich in TO

Restaurant: Delux Toronto

Nelson: After having fallen in love with Cuban sandwiches in its birthplace in Tampa upon seeing a Cuban place making them in Toronto I had to try it. This is their pressed cubano sandwich with plantain chips, cider cured pork, ham, gruyere, grainy mustard, cornichons and red onion ($15). The outside was really buttery, but also crisp on the outside exactly as it should be. The meat inside was delicious and went perfect with the cheese and my favourite the grainy mustard. Mine was missing onions though and they were definitely missed. Cornichons are small pickles and I love the pickles in the sandwich, but I felt it needed even more cornichons. All these different tastes really come through individually and that's perhaps why the Cuban sandwich is so good, but this one was just a tad bit oily. I think the best one I've had was the first, but that may be a biased opinion.

To finish we had buttermilk donuts which were rolled in cinnamon sugar with chantilly cream and dulce de leche. ($7). They were freshly made and came out piping hot. Perfect for donuts. The dough base had a hint of cinnamon and lots of thick granulated sugar. The cream was great and not too sweet despite the dulce de leche. The cute presentation rounds out this wonderful dessert.

Overall I would come back and have another sandwich, but at $15 it is a bit pricey. Good food though!

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