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Sunset Grill Breakfast

Posted: 06/23/14

Sunset Grill Breakfast

Restaurant: Collingwood Sunset_Grill

dre @ Blue Mountain Village: We went to Sunset Grill for breakfast. I haven't gone out for a greasy spoon breakfast in a while, so I wanted to get something I don't normally eat.

We were served Rye and Whole wheat bread that came with our meals.

I got the Corned Beef Hash with Three Eggs. You can't see the corned beef much under the eggs, and I wished there was more. I love corned beef, and this wasn't bad, except for it being a little bit oily. The eggs and home fries were tasty too.

Mike ordered the Sausages & Three Eggs meal, also served with home fries. I feel like they can do better with the presentation as it doesn't look very appetizing at all.

At least the food tastes better than it looks!

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