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Bento Box

Posted: 11/14/07

Bento Box

Restaurant: Sushi_2_Go Toronto

Nelson @ Sushi 2 Go: Normally I try to avoid these fast food Japanese places, but it was lunch and someone else suggested it, so I went. Bento Boxes are usually pretty safe bets, even though they tend to be pricey.

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  • i find that bento boxes give you a good price for what you get cuz it comes with so many other things. If i'm superly hungry, i usually eat it all, including the loan piece of broccoli that they sometimes put in the muddle square haha.
    dre @ 2007-11-14
  • Hahaha, "superly hungry". Yeah, I think I finished this one completely too. I think I even put the lemon into the water!.
    Nelson @ 2007-11-14

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