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Red Bench for cookies baked on demand!

Posted: 06/02/14

Red Bench for cookies baked on demand!

Restaurant: Red_Bench Toronto

Nelson: Who likes the smell of fresh baked cookies? Everyone, right? Well Red Bench bakes mini cookies on the spot to create that baked cookie smell and the best part is you get to eat those cookies! Great idea!

The are mini cookies because they bake faster, which makes sense, but you get 5 (for $3.80). First you pick you cookie dough from among original, peanut butter, oatmeal, chocolate and then you select your topping. They have many choices as this picture clearly deomonstrates.

Next they make the cookies on the spot. We picked original cookie dough and almonds and white chocolate as our toppings. The tiny cookies are put into the oven and a few minutes later you have cookies!
The cookies are obviously hot and also soft. Definitely very fresh tasting and delicious. Mine were ever so slightly burnt, but perhaps that is a by-product of cooking cookies so quickly. It was still delicious. If you are like my friend Cary and must have milk to go with said cookies, they sell that too. They've thought of everything! Yum!
I would be remiss not to include a picture of the Red Bench the store is named after. They also have frozen yogurt, but didn't get a chance to try it this time.

Red Bench bakes fresh cookies for you on the spot....fun and delicious!

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  • what a fun concept!
    dre @ 2014-06-02

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