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Wow! Sushi

Posted: 05/31/14

Wow! Sushi

Restaurant: Toronto Wow_Sushi

Nelson: An exclamation mark in the restaurant name is usually a warning sign, but let's find out how the food is here.

This is the WoW Special Maki and it is presented nicely, but I didn't actually get to try any as I wasn't too hungry today and other people were. Let's see what the next dish holds

Salad. Pretty typical. Ok, let's see what the next dish holds.
Tempura Moriawase ($10)! Usually not ordered unless at AYCE, but here we are. It had a lot of breading but it was still light. The crab and scallop are not regular items you see included in this dish. Good overall though.
A selection of sushi and sashimi. Interesting that this is the most "cooked" sushi/sashimi I have ever seen. Mostly just seared around the edges for select pieces. The tuna didn't look that good and also didn't taste that fresh either.
Here's a close up of the one of the cooked sashimi pieces. It had a strong smokey flavour it it. You can see that the tuna doesn't look to good here either.
This is the Japan Go roll ($12) that comes out hot. I couldn't really taste the scallop much, but it was a good tasting roll overall. I would recommend it.
Last is the spicy salmon maki ($7) and it was really good here.

Overall mediocre uneven experience and probably wouldn't come back here despite all the good reviews.

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