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Teresa & Ken's Wedding at Diamond

Posted: 05/29/14

Teresa & Ken's Wedding at Diamond

Restaurant: Diamond_Banquet_Hall Markham

Nelson @ Markham: Diamond Banquet Hall is perhaps the most sought after Chinese restaurant for weddings. Not sure exactly why, but their wait list is about a year and a half. Their square shaped dining hall is ideal for events and the food must be decent, right? Let's find out.
The roasted suckling pig is a must for Chinese (Cantonese) weddings. This one was really meaty and had less emphasis on the skin. It didn't look too crispy and wasn't as crispy as most, but it still had some crisp. If anything it seems like it had been sitting out for a while and became moist as a result.
That is a nice carrot carving and I appreciate the presentation touches. The stir fried prawn and scallop was excellent.
Deep Fried Crab Claw. Most importantly it came out piping hot. Good job.
Shark fin soup had quite a bit of shark fin. Unfortunately I ate it. Again it was nothing special and not worth the monetary and environmental expense.
Dried scallop with vegetables. I like how vegetables dishes are supplemented with meat at Chinese dinners. I got a large portion and a large mushroom.
The Deep Fried Crispy Chicken was really really juicy. I didn't get a lot, but it was really well cooked.
Likewise, the Lobsters in Deluxe Broth was really good. On the plainer side, but not any worse than other cooking methods.
The steamed green bass was boney, but at least I got a large portion. I don't mind the bones that much, but obviously less is better.
To end the meal is some Fried Rice with Egg White & Conpoy. It was tasty with a seafood flavour.
Braised noodles with Dumplings is different from the typical Efu noodles, but still good. Tasted a little like wonton noodles.
The Fancy Pastries were not that good and I probably would have liked Chinese pastries better here.
Finally, the wedding cake. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to try it as the cleaning staff was very aggressive cleaning everything up.

Overall, the food is skillfully cooked here. I can see why they are so popular!

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