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iMaid Cafe

Posted: 11/12/07

iMaid Cafe

Restaurant: iMaid

Nelson @ iMaid Cafe: Kitty had this "cute" fried rice in an omelette at iMaid. The food is actually decent at this place, nevermind the girls in maid costumes...


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  • is this place supposed to be the classier chinese version of hooters? haha
    dre @ 2007-11-12
  • Well the girls are wearing a lot of clothing and very little skin is shown. It's basically a Japanese thing imported to Canada, as it is very common over there. And they are not licensed for alcohol (that I can remember), but they have an extensive bbtea selection. I wouldn't say it's like Hooters...just different
    Nelson @ 2007-11-12
  • it closed down *cry*.
    k3v @ 2007-11-25
  • lol it took you THIS long to post the pic that it closed down!!!
    dre @ 2007-11-26
  • yes, I have quite the backlog and i'm still screening out lot's of stuff!
    Nelson @ 2007-11-28

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