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The best french toast!

Posted: 05/30/14

The best french toast!

Restaurant: Mexico Mi_Chayito

dre in Mexico: We passed by this restaurant everyday and I laughed at it because of the pictures hung to entice you to go there and eat there. It showed breakfast food, Chinese food, and Mexican food. I always laughed at the Chinese food pictures.

Since we walked by each day, we decided to have breakfast here one morning. I wish we discovered it earlier!!!

The French bread (toast) was delicious! It was thick, and had a tasty sugar coating that wasn't overwhelming. Very yummy!

It came with a plate of fruit. I enjoyed the papayas even though I'm not a huge papaya fan. These were really sweet.

I decided to move away from breakfast food and eat chicken fajitas. The dish was huge! The meat was not oily and it was delicious.

This was our favourite breakfast place of the trip!


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