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John Brown Smokehouse

Posted: 05/21/14

John Brown Smokehouse

Restaurant: John_Brown_Smokehouse Queens

Nelson @ Long Island City: My sister's local go to BBQ place is John Brown's. They have an inner courtyard that must be nice to sit in during the summer months. We tried the pulled pork, rib tips and burnt ends ($11, $11, $13).

The burnt ends (middle bottom) are beef and they were well done. They definitely had the most flavour as well as having the most fat, so therefore the burnt ends were the tastiest.

The rib tips were Kansas style (bottom left), and they were too dry in my opinion. Probably the worse choice here.

The Pulled pork was decent with fatty and saucy parts and it went especially well with their tasty BBQ sauce.

Corn bread can be really hit or miss and I found their corn bread pudding really good because it was moist and had actual corn inside. The coleslaw was too vinegary to my tastes.

I had this wheat beer from Bayerishce staatsbrauere. It was really refreshing. You can see they have a spicy bbq sauce as well, their Ghost Pepper BBQ sauce. I like it!

Some good items, some not so good items here.

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Last, this is not from John Brown, but from a place with a large sign simply called Wine Bar. They are actually called Domaine. We had a plate of oysters here as a snack. Apparently they have live music here as well, but we were too early.

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