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Posted: 05/15/14


Restaurant: Grimaldis NYC

Nelson @ DUMBO: To avoid the long lineups we arrived here at 11AM a full half hour before opening. It was well worth it judging how long the lineup was when we left. The staff is really efficient, seating us quickly and in a specific order. Even at this time of day they seated a bus full of people just after we sat down. For making the pizzas, they do it out front in an open assembly line that I very much enjoyed watching.

We ordered a small regular pizza (6 slices for $12) that comes with fresh mozzarella, crushed tomato and basil. We added ($2 each) pepperoni, ham and mushrooms. It's a very thin pizza, but all the ingredients are super fresh. Special mention to the mozarella which really made the pizza spectacular. The fresh basil was also a nice touch. On the bottom the pizza is slightly burnt that lends it a nice smokey flavour. The toppings were fresh and added saltiness. The fresh ingredients especially the mozarella, smokey flavour and thin crispy crust add up to make a incredible pizza - one of the best I have ever had.

You can see all their fresh ingredients ready to go.
The key to a good pizza is fresh mozzarella!
The famous coal burning stove that gives the pizza its unique smokey taste. You can see the coals burning away inside. Finding a coal burning oven is difficult in New York since they were outlawed, but luckily this one was grandfathered in. It really makes this pizza and this is what draws the customers in.
A closeup shot of the fresh crushed San Marzano tomatoes and the melty mozarella cheese. Yum!
Lastly are our drinks where I tried the black cherry soda that I liked very much.

Grimaldi's uses such simple ingredients, but they are all top quality and as fresh as possible but when combined with their coal burning oven, it makes for a pizza as close to perfection as I have ever had.

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