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Ruben's Hamburgers

Posted: 05/26/14

Ruben's Hamburgers

Restaurant: Mexico Rubens_Hamburgers

dre in Mexico: We walked by this place numerous times, so we decided to stop in one night for dinner.

We got curly fries. They were crispy and tasty!

There was a bowl of topping that you can add to your burger. I never got to try the garlic, but I cut a couple of slices of onions. Kristen kept saying, "Apple!" and pointing to the onion, but I kept telling her that it's an onion. The onion was very sweet, but Kristen did not like it as it was not an apple.

The carrots were surprisingly spicy.

We both got 120g sirloin burgers. Mike got bacon on his, and mine was just the burger. The burgers were cooked over a charcoal BBQ. They had a nice charcoal taste and the burgers were juicy.

This was one of Mike's favourite meals of the trip.


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