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Cafe Henri

Posted: 05/05/14

Cafe Henri

Restaurant: Cafe_Henri NYC

Nelson @ Queens: This cute little shop right by my sister's is a great spot for breakfast. Considering the lineup, the locals would seem to agree.

We start with the classic Les Oeufs Benedict described as two poached eggs with choice of bacon or ham topped with Hollandaise sauce on English muffin served with home fries and salad ($10.5). These were made well, but needed to be a just a tad more runny to be perfect (for our tastes). Overall with the great tasting ham and crispy English muffin made this part absolutely delicious.

The potatoes with rosemary were amazing because even though they were so simple, they were amazingly good. The salad with dressing was fresh and amazing as well. Overall, with nice presentation and good components it made for an excellent dish.

Since this was a French style cafe, I had the Crepe Henri ($9.5) with three choices of sweet sausage, caramelized onions and Swiss cheese. I picked a good combination of ingredients, but it was just a tad bit sweet for my tastes. Kitty enjoyed immensely though.
Cute place serving excellent food with a French theme. Love it!

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