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Bobby Van's Steakhouse

Posted: 05/03/14

Bobby Van's Steakhouse

Restaurant: BobbyVans NYC

Nelson @ EAST 54TH ST: Bobby Van's is a traditional old school steak house. Wooden accents and dim lighting along with tuxedoed waiters. But what about their food?

Let's start with a varied bread service. Good, let's get to the meat.

You wouldn't expect this at a steakhouse, but their special was a deep fried soft shell crab (2 for $43). My usual experience with this has been in Asian restaurants, but it was strange tasting this in a Western restaurant with western seasoning, in this case a tomato based sauce. It was decent and still reminded me of Asian cuisine, but unfortunately it was expensive as we later found out on the bill. Asian restaurants serve this up as part of AYCE sushi regularly and this pair cost the price of a whole AYCE sushi meal!
Here's the meat of the meal, the porterhouse steak for 2 ($98). It's not a huge steak, but this rare steak was nicely fatty. Not necessarily the best marbling, but the fat and the meat combined for a heavenly combination. A little bit charred on the outside and pink on the inside, the cooking technique was extreme, but it worked out really well. The steak was delicious.
The pregnant lady at our table had the vegetable plate ($19). I tried a bit and it was decent especially the roasted peppers, but can't say much more about it. This is steak restaurant after all.
This is the absolutely massize baked potatoe ($5). Hard to guage the size in the photo, but this portion came from a massive potato.
A good meal overall of high quality although not huge quantities and quite pricey, but I think that is the norm for New York City.

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