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Charcoal BBQ dinner

Posted: 05/22/14

Charcoal BBQ dinner

Restaurant: Adelitas_Grill Mexico

dre in Mexico: There were 2 places across the street from each other that featured a charcoal grill. We decided to try both of them eventually, and went to this one first. They served us complimentary tortilla chips and pico de gallo.

The chef also brought us some guacamole - free!

The grill had some potatoes and vegetables on it.

I ordered the BBQ Ribs ($95 MXN). It had really good flavour, and was juicy. I saw how the chef covered the ribs on the grill with a metal bowl to cook it faster. The sauce was tasty as well. The vegetables served were zucchini and cactus, I think. There were beans as well, but the beans tasted a little old. The potato was good, except there was too much sour cream on mine, so I had to scoop some out.

Mike ordered a New York cut steak ($160 MXN). It also had good flavour and charcoal taste. I think charcoal BBQing food is the best way to cook!. He asked for the steak to be done medium, and when he cut in, there was no blood, but the meat was reddish-pink, so makes us think that meat was older or not the greatest quality. I had a small piece and it was not as good compared to the steak we have back at home.

They also brought us out some complimentary garlic bread.

We didn't order any dessert, but they brought us out this lemon pie. At first I thought it was ice cream, but it was just heavy cream. Reminded me of key line pie.... Heavy but delicious!

They loved Kristen and even gave her a toy shaker!

So the food wasn't the best, but the service was definitely very attentive and friendly.


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