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Walking along the beach got us really hungry

Posted: 05/20/14

Walking along the beach got us really hungry

Restaurant: Mexico Rossys

dre in Mexico: We walked along the beach, and hoped to walk all around the bay, but instead came to a dead end where it was private property. So, we ventured back towards our resort, and stopped at this restaurant called Rossy's. It had tables on the sand, but we opted to sit upstairs where we could get a nice view of the ocean and beach. There was also a very nice breeze coming through as well, so it definitely cooled us down.

We ordered a fish taco, just to try out some seafood. I was disappointed that it came deep fried, and made a mental note next time to ask the server not to deep fry my tacos. Again, I forget to take a picture of the inside, but no one liked the fish taco. The fish taste was too fishy, but we still finished it because we don't like to waste food. And we were hungry.

We also ordered some guacamole. The dip was good, but nothing special. I usually like my guacamole more chunky, and this version was really smooth.


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