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Posted: 05/01/14


Restaurant: Buffalo WhichWich

Nelson: In a bit of a hurry at the Buffalo airport, we stopped here for what would be a quick order. It ended up being a bit slower than expected, but what we got was also better than expected. This restaurant has a good name and concept. You enter and mark on a paper bag all the sandwich options you want and that bag becomes the sandwich bag. There are a lot of options, all spelled out nicely on the paper bag. I like how there are 4 mustards, 4 mayos, 7 spreads/sauces, 3 choices for onions and a tonne of veggie choices.

There are many meat choices as well and this particular choice is the Italian Grinder ($7.25) with salami, pepperoni and capicola. It looks more like a wrap than a sandwich, but it is still definitely sandwich like. The fact that there are so many great toppings made it a really good sandwich that I thoroughly enjoyed. I like the concept and the execution at Whichwich.


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  • This looks really good - like a cross between sandwich, wrap and burrito!
    dre @ 2014-05-01

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