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Patio Mexica for breakfast

Posted: 05/18/14

Patio Mexica for breakfast

Restaurant: Mexico Patio_Mexica

dre in Mexico: We returned here to try out the delicious looking omelet we were mistakenly served. The same lady served us and we hoped she wouldn't get our orders wrong this time.

Mike ordered an omelet with avocado and bacon. It looked really good and when we opened it, we saw the abundance of bacon! The avocado tasted really fresh.

I ordered the scrambled eggs with ham, and it was really small. It came with corn tortilla wraps, but I'm not a fan of them, but still ate them because the portion of eggs was so small.

This place also had the slowest service ever, and the waitress wasn't very attentive and it took a long time to get her attention.


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