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Aroma Island: Taiwan Gourmet

Posted: 04/29/14

Aroma Island: Taiwan Gourmet

Restaurant: Aroma_Island Mississauga

Nelson: A Taiwanese place in Mississauga is welcome. I wonder if it is any good...

Shredded pork with Tian-Mu Bamboo (天目山笋炒肉絲). This dish was only ok and even though I knew the bamboo shoots were going to be of the dried variety, but I was still wistful of getting a taste of fresh bamboo shoots.

A Taiwanese classic, 3 cup chicken ($9.99). I think my dad asked for less salt and maybe as a result the flavour was really subtle, especially considering how it usually tastes. It looks really plain and I was expecting to be able to see the greener ingredients. The high number of bones also made it hard to eat. I've had much better versions of this dish.
Sliced fish with celery and snow peas was really well made. I always enjoy the soft and boneless fish in this dish.
Although it says duck on the menu, I'm pretty sure this "duck with basil and wine casserole" (九層塔豉汁啤唒鴨煲) was chicken. Once again it had a lot of bones and had a stronger flavour overall, perhaps because it was cooked with beer. Enjoyable if only there were fewer bones.
Last is the soup, which was salty and served first, unlike how it is usually served in Taiwan (last).

Overall a little disapointing and very much like home cooked food. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I was hoping for more.

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