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Highest rated restaurant on Trip Advisor

Posted: 05/04/14

Highest rated restaurant on Trip Advisor

Restaurant: Carmelitas Mexico

dre in Mexico: This restaurant, Carmelita's, was rated #1 on Trip Advisor in this city, so of course, I had to go check it out. It was further out from the downtown area, and not near the row of restaurants on the street that we walk down everyday, so it was quite q trek to get there. In fact, we thought we were walking in the general direction and was still a couple blocks away, when Mike saw it across the street. If he didn't turn his head to see, we would have completely missed it.

We tried the "Green juice" ($35 MXN), which is made of cactus, celery, parsley, orange juice. It was similar to another green juice we had earlier in the week, and it tasted pretty healthy.

I ordered tacos with chicken - taco dorados, to be specific ($70 MXN). I was disappointed to see that they were the deep fried and rolled up kind of tacos. The chicken was really tasty though and had really good flavour. I wasn't a huge fan of the salad and the sour cream drizzled on top.

Mike got a quesadilla with chorizo ($70 MXN). The chorizo wasn't spicy and had good flavour, though it was very oily.

I'm not sure I would rate this place #1 on my list of restaurants here in Zihuatanejo, but I do have to comment that service was very friendly.


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